Armis: See Every Thing™

Learn more about how Armis is different from today's traditional security products.

Why Armis?

The Armis agentless device security platform discovers devices, tracks behavior, detects threats, and takes action to protect your business.


Agentless and passive
Armis is agentless, and 100% passive. This is critical because unmanaged and IoT devices can’t take an agent. And scanning can disrupt or crash these devices.
Device knowledgebase
We have a huge, crowd-sourced device behavior knowledgebase of 600+ million devices which compares real-time behavior of devices in your environment with multiple “known good” crowd-sourced baselines to detect compromised devices.
Fast deployment
The Armis platform can install in as little as minutes, requires no network changes, and uses the infrastructure you already have.
Integrate with existing systems
Armis integrates with your existing IT security and management systems, from your firewall to your NAC to your SIEM, letting you achieve greater value and more automated response.


Other Products
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Agent-based security
(endpoint protection, EDR, etc.)
  • Only effective on endpoints that can accept an agent (“managed” endpoints)
  • 100% agentless
  • Effective on managed, unmanaged, and IoT endpoints
Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Discovers devices on the enterprise network only
  • Can’t assess risk of unmanaged devices
  • Can’t detect threats
  • No (or limited) device knowledgebase
  • Difficult to deploy and manage
  • Discovers devices on the network and in the airspace
  • Assesses the risk of all devices – managed and unmanaged
  • Detects threats
  • Huge device knowledgebase (8 million different device profiles)
  • Far easier to deploy than NAC
Network Scanning Tools
  • Good for managed computers
  • Can disrupt or crash many types of unmanaged devices
  • Can miss devices located in unknown network segments or hidden behind firewalls
  • 100% passive monitoring. No scans. No disruption.
  • Effective for managed and unmanaged devices
  • 100% comprehensive coverage, regardless of network topology
Network Firewall
  • Protects the network perimeter and core
  • Focused on network traffic, not devices
  • No device knowledgebase, so unable to detect anomalous behavior
  • Protects devices at the access layer
  • Focused on device state and behavior
  • Extensive cloud-based, crowd sourced knowledgebase provides deep understanding of appropriate (and inappropriate) device behavior
  • Analyzes logs produced by managed devices
  • Blind to unmanaged and IoT devices which do not produce logs
  • Does not rely on logs
  • Directly assesses risks and detects threats of all devices
  • Integrates into and complements SIEMs
Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
  • Does not provide asset inventory (device discovery)
  • Does not assess the risk of devices
  • Fails to detect policy violations
  • Armis generates a complete inventory of hardware and software
  • Armis generates a risk assessment for every device
  • Armis can detect policy violations and other forms of inappropriate behavior.


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